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In Home/Office Remote

Computer and Game System Setups
Setups include 3 software installs and Recover Disk Creation

Computer – Without Data Transfer $150.00
Computer – With Data Transfer $250.00
Game Systems (Wii, Wii-U, XBox, XBox One, PlayStation, etc.) $100.00 depending on the setup
Software Install – 1st Title $50.00 $30.00
Software Install – Each Additional Title $30.00 $15.00
Computer Hardware (Memory, Expansion Cards) $75.00
Hard Drive (No Operating System. Used for Data Storage Only) $75.00
Printers – 1st Computer $80.00 $50.00
Printers – Each Additional Computer $40.00 $20.00
Personal Router (NetGear/Linksys/etc) $100.00
MikroTik Router – Purchased from WoTOni Networks (Monitoring Incl) $75.00
Network Design Consultation (Design & Layout) $100.00
Router Reprogram (Not managed by WoTOni Networks) $75.00
Router Reprogram (Managed by WoTOni Networks) $50.00 depending on the situation $30.00 depending on situation
Operating Systems
Operating System Install $150.00
System Restore (With Recovery Disks or Stable Recovery Partition) $200.00
System Restore (Without Recovery Disks) $250.00
Diagnostics, Repairs, and Troubleshooting
Computer Maintenance Tune-up $95.00 $75.00
Creating Recovery Disks $60.00 (must provide recovery media)
Virus Removal $150.00 depending on the infection $75.00 depending on the infection
Diagnostics Only $95.00 $50.00
Custom Work
Custom Configurations – Depending on the Situation $100.00 Starting
Custom Wiring (Non Network) $60.00 Starting
Custom Systems – Includes 1
System Install (Parts and OS not included)
Custom System Build 1 – Enclosed Systems (no windows on chassis) $250.00 does not include parts
Custom System Build 2 – Windowed Systems (has a window on the
$325.00 does not include parts
Camera Systems
Camera Design and Consultation (Design and Layout) $100.00
Tutorials $120.00 Depending on the training
Network Installations
(Does Not Incl Cabling or Equipment)
Network Devices (Cameras/Switches/Controllers/etc) $250.00/project
Wire Runs – Up to 2 Network Wires $250.00
Wire Runs – 3-5 Network Wires $350.00
Wire Runs – 5+ Network Wires $450.00
Travel – In addition to the total of
services being provided
Helena and East Helena No Charge depending on location
Extended Helena (incl Birdseye) $25.00
Townsend and Boulder $75.00
Out of normal service areas $150.00+
Hourly Charge – only used if services provided are not listed or
hourly charge is required
$100.00 per hour